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It is a strange, unknown time for the entire human race right now. We are trying to adjust to new norms that affect our health, family and social life, our jobs and our minds.

One important thing to remember is that, we're all in this together and we will get through this, hopefully stronger and more conscious. 

We have compiled a list of positive things to do during this time to make sure you put your health first whilst social distancing.

  • Time to get Physical

Now is the time to connect with nature and get creative about how you stay fit and active. Learn some new stretches to do in the morning, home workout routines throughout the day and meditation practises before you go to sleep.

Our yoga mats will get you working out anytime, anywhere and if you follow us on Instagramand Facebookwe will continue to post outdoor routines you can follow at home.

Worried about the lack of gym equipment? Get yourself a resistance band and some dumbbells and if that isn't enough, look around you for heavy objects - we use our children!

  • Immune Boosting Rituals

Regardless of the illness, now is not an ideal time to fall sick. Stay on top of your health using preventative measures. Here's some we've been doing every day:

  1. Coconut oil pulling

Known to kill bacteria in the mouth and improve gum health, we love doing this simple routine each morning of swishing one tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth for 5-10mins, expelling and then brushing our teeth.

     2. Eat your immunity

The best way to strengthen your immunity is through a balanced diet. We make sure we add these things to our shopping list every time as they are known for having the highest immune boosting properties; berries, salmon, citrus fruits, tumeric, garlic, nuts, spinach, greek yogurt & green tea.

    3. Vitamins

There are some great vitamins for immune defence for both adults and kids, Armaforce is just one brand that comes to mind, your pharmacist can recommend others, ask for the home brand if the most common ones are all sold out at the moment.

    4. Snooze

Sleep is well known for supporting a healthy lifestyle, now with a bit of extra time on your hands make sure you are getting an optimal amount of sleep each night. Reduce your screen time before bed and practise relaxing rituals to unwind into a deep sleep.

5. Stay active

We mentioned it before and we'll say it again, don't panic if your gym has closed down, there are so many amazing youtubers, aps, influencers and businesses posting intense home workouts that will keep you active. Of course our hemp and jute or microfibre yoga mat is the perfect eco friendly support for all your workout needs!

  • Get Creative

This is the perfect time to ground yourself, reflect, spend quality time with loved ones and pick up some new hobbies. Here are some activities we are loving right now:

- Learning a new language on Duolingo ap

- Download Tik Tok and create some fun videos with family

- Facetime catch ups with the girls

- Learn to cook new healthy meals and tasty treats

- Arts activities and puzzles

- In home pampering; dry brushing, face masks, pedi's etc

- Take a walk in nature

- Have a drive through date with a friend, grab some food and drinks and park somewhere scenic

- Read and study

- Do a Yoga challenge

  • Stay Clean

It goes without saying that hygiene is critical right now. We stumbled across an online marketplace that actually still has eco friendly hand sani in stock! Check out Goodnessmebox for these brilliant products.

When buying fresh foods from the grocery market, make sure to wash everything (vinegar helps) before consuming and sanitising anything that could have been touched by others.

And most importantly...

  • Be Kind

Kind to yourselves, to your loved ones and to strangers. This is such an unknown time which everyone is going through and reacting to in different ways. The only thing we have is how we treat each other. Be nice to your neighbours and whoever crosses your path and offer assistance to them in any way you can, support local businesses, small businesses and sole traders and just allow yourself time to breathe and take it all in.

We're all in this together <3


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