Queen of the Nile Sustainable Yoga Mat

Come on a journey with us to our hometown, to the Ancient City of Egypt and channel your inner goddess with our beautifully hand painted print ' Queen of the Nile' featuring the royal Queen Nefertiti, 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

Queen Nefertiti means 'The Beautiful Woman has Come', she held great influence during her ruling, establishing and worshiping the sun God and is the most iconic symbol in Egypt still today.

Made to empower all of our Queens, this print features Queen Nefertiti with the rays of sun depicted around her on an authentic papyrus background, with her name printed in hieroglyphics as the border.

This hand painted artwork is featured on our suede like, microfibre top and natural tree rubber bottom, with a beautiful 3mm cushioning.

Dimension:  184 cm x 64 cm
Thickness:  3.0 mm
Weight:  2.5kg

You can personalise this mat and add your name or initials for yourself or as a gift.